Temporary residence permit in Latvia / EU

If a foreign citizen has purchased real estate in the Republic of Latvia or he/she possesses real estate in the planning region of Riga or in the cities, total value of which is not less than 250,000 EUR (283,850 USD*) he/she acquires a residence permit in Latvia for up to 5 years.

We solve the following questions:

  • Finding real estate for TRP and others;
  • Consulting services in terms of real estate, TRP, visas, taxes and capital investment;
  • A full range of legal services including registration of real estate in the Land Register of the Republic of Latvia (drawing up agreements, organizing negotiations, processing of documents with authorities);
  • Immigration services; Legal support in formal TRP formalization in Latvia (and in other countries);
  • Crediting in European banks with 4.5% annual rates!! Up to 70% of real estate;
  • Post-purchase upkeep (renting out real estate and legal support). Tenant control, Real estate costs' aptimization, Technical support, Real estate control;
  • Consierge services – support in adaptation to Latvia;
  • Investment projects' offer (office buildings, shopping centres, dwelling houses, hotels, etc.) with annual yield rates above 8%;
  • Real estate appraisal;
  • Real estate insurance.

What will you get:

Freedom of movement: freedom of movement, residence, work, studies throughout the European Union in a visa free regime (within the Schengen agreement countries).
Geographical location: Location of Latvia is very beneficial and even profitable, bordering with the CIS countries and the Western Europe. The Baltic Sea provides direct access to the Scandinavian countries. 
A possibility of owning real estate and making money: in the capital of Latvia Riga or in the resort city Jurmala (as well as in other cities of the country) there is an opportunity to rent out your property and secure monthly incomes which usually are higher than interest rates for deposits in banks.
Ease of communication: Latvia is the leader amongst the European Union and Baltic countries themselves in relation to the number of Russians. Latvia is also an European country where people understand and are able to communicate in English. Despite the fact that Latvian is the official language, both Russian and Latvian are used on the streets of Latvia every day.
Nature: The wonderful Latvian nature. Forests, lakes and, of course, the pearl among Latvian treasures - the Baltic Sea.


The Customer does not pay us for the  rendered services, all necessary amount we receive from the seller of the real estate. But the client will have to pay taxes at a rate of 7% (2%+5%) of the total value of the property to the state treasury and notary fees (less than 1% of the total).
Step-by-step instruction:






We make a contact with a Client and book airplane tickets, a hotel room or apartments in the short run.

We meet the Client in Latvia (at the airport "Riga" or bus station) along with a private car and afterwards present him or her the city.

We organize inspection and presentation of the selected facilities according to wishes and possibilities of the Client in a row.

We provide general analysis of the inspected facilities to make a successful decision On behalf of the Client we negotiate on more beneficial conditions.





According to his or her wishes the Client selects the most suitable facility and may not worry about anythung but a needed sum of money.

We organize opening of a personal bank account, take care of a further legal part and its supervision.

The client receives a certificate by the Land Register of the Republic of Latvia and the keys! If it is necessary we will formalize a residence permit.

If it is required we will organize real estate insurance, its maintenance and renting out. We provide repairs, upkeep and design services.


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