Legal help

Subscription legal support:

While entering into an agreement regarding full legal support, Client gets a full stuff of legal advisors and also a full scope of the services necessary and sufficient for the successful prevention of the legal problems. 

  • Representation in the authorities regarding the questions of the coordination of a project, obtaining of the permissible and constitutive documents (certificates).
  • Representing the interests in a court.
  • Under the Client’s request, we carry out search, collection, analyzes and presentation of the legal acts of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Client.
  • Legal support to a transaction or project.
  • Participation in the examination conducted on the enterprise by the respective authorities regarding the legal control over complying with the procedural actions, checking sufficiency of the conclusions of the examinee’s, drawing up of the results of an examination and composing of the procedural documents.
  • Draw up and prepare of the projects of the contracts.
  • Expertise and amendments made to the valid contracts or to the contracts represented by the partners of the Client.
  • Analyzes regarding the represented by the partners of the Client documents with a request on making of beneficial amendments.
  • Legal services regarding disputes while entering, executing, amendments and termination of a contract.
  • Representation of the interests during conducting negotiations regarding conclusion of a contract.
  • Preparation and conducting the measures regarding termination of a contract also by judicial means.
  • Licensing, drawing up of licenses
  • Registration of the trade marks, patents, copyrights

Human Resource Consulting:

  • Check of the existence and literacy test of the inner documents (provisions regarding labor order, duties and etc.)
  • Due Diligence of the career documents (staff order, time-sheet for the check of the work time, labor contracts with the stuff)
  • Check of the execution and registration of the career orders, the order of the ID cards, labor books.

The cost of services is determined on the basis of an agreement.


Representation in court and other state bodies:

  • Representation in courts of first instance: in civil, tax, family, administrative and other cases;
  • Representation in appeal;
  • Organizational assistance on cassation (Supreme Court);
  • Representation in other state bodies (including notaries, migration, tax, customs and other institutions).

Business consulting:

  • Legal support in any sphere of business.
  • Consultations in sphere of business, economic policy, legal status, support of investment projects;
  • Preparation of internal local documents (duty regulations, by-laws about structural divisions, etc.), assistance in conducting;
  • Development of administrative system of human resources - mobilization of opportunities and individual consultation of employees of HR service;  management of HR, development of policy and procedures of management for recruitment and selection of personnel; functioning and monitoring; training and development; an evaluation of work.
  • Checking a correctness of all business documents;
  • Assistance in cases of the disagreement between parties to contracts.

Company registration:

  • Registration of legal entities;
  • Changing of passport details and place of registration of Founders and / or a Director General;
  • Changing of a Director General or Director;
  • Sale and donation of shares in the share capital;
  • Changing of name of a legal entity;
  • Changing of address;
  • İncrease or decrease the size of the share capital of a legal entity;
  • Registration and tax registration of a branch or representative office of a legal entity;
  • Any other changings in constituent documents of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs;
  • Establishment of a legal entity with local investment;
  • Establishment of a legal entity with foreign investment;

Legal advice:

  • on real estate (purchase, gift, registration of lands and apartments and other);
  • labour issues;
  • on issues related to road traffic;
  • on migration issues;
  • for questions about the place of residence;
  • on civil procedural law
  • on civil law,
  • on criminal procedure law,
  • on criminal law,
  • on issues related to licensing;
  • on construction;
  • on issues relating to customs;
  • on organization of the business and its management;
  • on issues related to preparation of contracts, applications, complaints and other documents;
  • on tax issues;
  • on issues related to complaints  to the European Court of Human Rights;
  • as well as other issues related to the legislation.
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