Khalil bey Khasmammadov


Khalil bey Khasmammadov (Azerbaijani: Xəlil bəy Xasməmmədov; 1875–1947) was an Azerbaijani public figure, politician and diplomat. He served as a Member of the First and Second State Duma of the Russian Empire, Minister of Internal Affairs and Minister of Justice of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, and as the first Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Ottoman Turkey.

The faculty of law of Moscow State University
Khasmammadov was born to a family of lawyers in Elisavetpol (Ganja) in 1875. He had four brothers. Khasmammadov graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in Law. His political activity started during the university years when he was a member of Muslim-Caucasus Fellow Countrymen Society. He then worked as an attorney in Yekaterinodar and Ganja district courts.
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