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Republic of Azerbaijan, Baku



By this Power of Attorney “Company name” entitles the Azerbaijani National Flankes Flankesli Flankes ogly (Passport № ______________ issued by _______________ on __/__/20__) to the following powers for representing and defending company interests in connection with the court case # ________________________:

-          to act as Plaintiff or Defendant on behalf of company at any court of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

-          to represent the company at any court, public authorities and other entities of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as to maintain rights and interests thereof;

-          to sign and submit claims statements and complaints, perform other required proceedings, to collect, submit and receive any documents in connection with the mentioned case;

-          to perform all necessary actions as required for transfer the case to arbitration, full or partial refusal from claim, securing of claim, change of subject or grounds for claim, enter to an amicable agreement, sub-delegation of powers to third parties, filing a complaint against an act of court, request of the obligatory execution of an act of court, receipt of awarded property or funds.


This Power of Attorney is effective as of __/__/20__ and shall remain in force for the period of trial of the case # _________________________.



On behalf of Company name





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