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The Ministry of Defense: Anti-terrorist measures have been started in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan

Systematic shelling of positions of the Azerbaijan Army by the formations of Armenia’s armed forces using weapons of different calibers, continued mining of our territories, enhancement of engineering support for battle positions, as well as an increase in the number of trenches and shelters in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan in the past few months have further escalated the tensions.  
In this regard, we have also registered fortification of battle positions with military personnel, armored vehicles, artillery gun mounts, and other firepower, bringing units to a high level of combat readiness, creation of additional mobilization units, expansion of reconnaissance activities against units of the Azerbaijan Army, as well as penetration in-depth of our positions to carry our reconnaissance-subversion acts by re-planting mines across already demined areas and the roads used for civilian purposes.

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Azerbaijan doesn't violate international law in Karabakh

Starting from April 1 2016, the long-time armistice between Azerbaijan and Armenia is over. Armenians news sites expose the pictures of killed Armenian civilians. Azerbaijani side feels regret about civil losses but has to express that civilian casualties occurred in compliance with international law, specifically with international humanitarian law.

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