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Legal services

Debt collection
What is collection services and who is a collector?
In this case, a collector is a mediator between a debtor and a creditor, who takes a responsibility to promote recovery of the debt for a reward.
A procedure for recovery of the debts - a laborious process that has its own specificity, which requires special knowledge. But we have experience in this area and we will help you:
Our services include:
  • collecting debts from legal entities and individuals;
  • pre-court debt collection;
  • debt collection through courts;
  • enforcement proceeding for debt collections;
  • recovery of forfeits, fines, penalties, formed as a result of non-payment of debt.
  • legal consultations on problems of debt collection.
  • We offer the following consulting services:
Legal consulting
  • Legal support in any sphere of business.
  • The Sale and Purchase of ready business.
  • Consultations in sphere of business, economic policy, legal status, support of investment projects;
  • Preparation of internal local documents (duty regulations, by-laws about structural divisions, etc.), assistance in conducting;
  • Development of administrative system of human resources - mobilization of opportunities and individual consultation of employees of HR service;  management of HR, development of policy and procedures of management for recruitment and selection of personnel; functioning and monitoring; training and development; an evaluation of work.
  • Checking a correctness of all business documents;
  • Assistance in cases of the disagreement between parties to contracts.
A range of services aimed at a creation and development of effective and secure financial management of enterprise.
Organizational Consulting - improving a quality of the leadership, enhancing a functionality of each member of the team to optimize an organizational structure of a company, defining areas of a company and its employees.
Legal advice
We provide legal advice on the following issues:
  • on real estate (purchase, gift, registration of lands and apartments and other);
  • labour issues;
  • on issues related to road traffic;
  • on migration issues;
  • for questions about the place of residence;
  • on civil procedural law
  • on civil law,
  • on criminal procedure law,
  • on criminal law,
  • on issues related to licensing;
  • on construction;
  • on issues relating to customs;
  • on organization of the business and its management;
  • on issues related to preparation of contracts, applications, complaints and other documents;
  • on tax issues;
  • on issues related to complaints  to the European Court of Human Rights;
  • as well as other issues related to the legislation
Free consultations:
The site operates a free online consultation ( You can openly ask questions and receive answers. In this case, confidentiality is not guaranteed. Before asking a question, you must login. Also, do not forget to read the Manual.
Paid advice:
In addition we have a wide range of customers who prefer the privacy policy and asked questions are not publicized to the public. In this case, a client can receive advice directly face to face, as well as through e-mail, skype, phone, etc. It should be noted that the minimum price of this consultation is 20 AZN (1 hour consultation is 60 AZN).
We respect your time. Therefore, we hope that you also respect our time. If you are going to get a free consultation, we advise in advance to send your question directly to
Registration of legal entities and individuals
A legal entity is a specially established organization, which has completed state registration as provided by law, owns its own property, bears liability for its obligations to the extent of its property, has the right to acquire and exercise property and personal non–property rights on its own behalf, is liable for its obligations, and acts as a plaintiff or defendant in court. A legal entity has its own balance sheet (Article 43.1 of the Civil Code of Azerbaijan).
Under an individual is understood  citizen of Azerbaijan  or foreign citizen registered by tax authorities as a private entrepreneur.
  • Registration of legal entities (LLC, JSC etc) and individual entrepreneurs;
  • Changing of passport details and place of registration of Founders and / or a Director General;
  • Changing of a Director General or Director;
  • Sale and donation of shares in the share capital;
  • Changing of name of a legal entity;
  • Changing of address;
  • İncrease or decrease the size of the share capital of a legal entity;
  • Registration and tax registration of a branch or representative office of a legal entity;
  • Any other changings in constituent documents of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs;
  • Establishment of a legal entity with local investment;
  • Establishment of a legal entity with foreign investment;

We also provide services in financial sphere, render translating services, organize trainings.

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