The Residence Permit (RP) in Lithuania


Gives you the chance:

To live and migrate in the European Union without visa, to open your own business and to get an education


Required documents for registration:

- Passport

- The card of the personality (internal passport)

- Photo 3х4 two pieces

- The certificate of non-conviction from the residence (the reference is valid within 6 months).


For registration it is necessary to come to Lithuania twice:

- The first time for submission of documents in Migratory Service

- The second time for receipt of RP


We will render you the following services:

- Registrations of closed joint stock company

- Accounting services

- Additional services (the notarial conformation of documents, opening of the bank account)



The cost of service of opening of closed joint stock company and registration, for one person of 4000-4500 euros (depending on specific circumstances). In this case monthly payments will be about 250 euros a month from the person


The first time the ID card is issued for a year, further once a year it is necessary to come to Lithuania for prolongation of RP, and an exchange of the ID card. In three years of availability of RP, the ID card is issued for 2 years. After 5 years you are already exempted from monthly 200-250 euros payment.


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